Have You Ever Met A Witch?

Have You Ever Met A Witch?

I've been a Witch my entire life and never realized it. Flowers have spoken to me since childhood. Spirit sends me messages more times than I can count. My intuition is my psychic power. And I revel in the beauty and bounty that flowers bestow upon us.

My offerings are as wild and unique as a the world of botanics, and somehow they magically and beautiful blend together. Choose to journey through my intuitively herbal blended hair care & color, flower medicine grown from my own flower sanctuary or Folklore Wisdom passed down through written word.

If you're craving a more intimate experience, I offer a sacred mentorship where we may radically craft your dream world.

Let's Connect Higher

Awaken The Witch.

You know deep in your bones that there is more to this life. That you have strong intuition and knowings outside of the everyday explanation. Part Mother Earth. Part Witch. Part Sister Friend. I invite your curiosity in and be bewildered with bespoke herbal blends, my wise woman folklore and offerings to support your own healing journey. Trust Your Messages. Trust Your Body. Trust.

Mystical Flower Offerings

Wildflower Medicine

Garden Grown Blooms crafted into flower essences & alchemical hydrosols for energetic healing support.

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Wildflower and The Rose

Folk Hair Care & FLWR Hair Color crafted from flowers, roots, seeds and leaves.

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Honor Your Wise Woman Roots

Wildflower Woman

Wildflower Woman

To wonder is to wander the pathless life. The adventure, the unknowing, the beginnings, endings and adventures. You seek not what you are, but what you can become and be come undone.

We hold so much wisdom within our bones, within our souls and at our fingertips. Sometimes it just takes a little spark to reignite the power within.

Gone are the days of depending outside of ourselves for support. The magick lies within; come undone and learn the folklore behind flower medicine making, herbal hair care, intuitive trust building and energetic healing support.

You have so much potency inside of you, your vessel of this life. Let's play a little and see where she takes you. And always trust your knowings, those little whispers of wisdom, they hold your truth. You found me and this for a reason, now let's devise and surprise your soul awake.

I Am The Spark

Love Notes

Im going to be real honest with you, I don't send many emails. But when I do, you know something is a big deal! I'd love to keep you updated on new flower remedies or folklore wisdom.