Folk Beauty: Intro to Herbal Hair Color Guide

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Intro to Herbal Hair Color

Folk Beauty 

This is one of my favorite resources for anyone new to herbal hair color! Allow me to guide you into the world of magical hair color grown from leaves, flowers, roots, seeds and bark. Learn why some dyes work and others don't, plus how to gently lighten your locks.

Written and researched as a stylist turned herbalist, with many years of trial + error with flowers and herbs for hair color. This guide is a beautiful foundational tool to start your journey in all natural hair color. Forget about label reading, confusing chemistry terms or fears of toxic conventional chemicals. Plants offer us all we need to adorn our locks, nourish our scalps and become free of modern day beauty expectations. 

You will discover what types of herbal hair colors exists like hair rinse, hair stain, henna & Ayurvedic herbs, the types of flowers and botanics within each category, how they work, limits & expectations and ways to craft your own simple blends at home.

I also included a super folky hair brightening segment. With some golden drops of sunshine, you will discover a few ways to brighten your locks naturally. This does not mean lift or lighten, that would require hydrogen peroxide/developer and or a chemical. No thank you! Natural brighteners bring out the shine and softness in your locks, helps with subtitling shifting your tone and working with the suns natural rays to work its magick.

Plus, I list plants and botanics you may already have in your kitchen, garden or locals farmers market!

Enjoy my Witchy friend.

All Sales Final. This guide is for your own individual & personal use ONLY. You may not whatsoever reproduce, copy, sell or share. Always perform a patch test before working with any plants.