Akashic Record Reading

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Intimate Connection with Your Highest Self through the Akashic Records.

Gifted through Written Word.

Your Akashic Record Reading is paired with flower remedies for energetic support and spiritual healing. These have been intuitively guided by your Highest Self to support your own innate healing abilities and wisdom. After your reading, we then pick and gather the appropriate flower remedies suggested by your Highest Self. I am here to support and guide you to craft, use and trust in using your own flower medicine.


What Can You Learn From Your Records?

  • So, so, so much!!!
  • Past Lives, questions and intuitive knowings validated
  • Encouragement on Your Current Path
  • Your Own Higher Wisdom in Decision Making
  • Knowing Your Truest Self on a deeper level. You come back Home to your Self

The Akashic Records are full of infinite knowledge. So much, that I am still learning as well. It is always filled with such beautiful and Divine Love and comfort. Not in the trendy, "love and light" way, but in the real, honest and pure form of complete Love and Wisdom. All for you, from You. In my experience, it has never felt like a prediction method or an unreliable connection. Instead, it comes through as this beautiful, poetic guidance in such simple and loving context. 

How Do I Prepare for A Reading?

I only ask that you come into this space with an open mind and heart. You have to be willing and open to receive the messages that come through.

How Does an Akashic Record Reading Look?

My gifts are through written word and visual imagery, with deep knowing + empathic vibes. I am able to take your open ended questions, connect with your Highest Self and translate what I see, feel, hear and know into words. I then share these poetic words of beauty and wisdom with you. Also, with gifted permission from you, I am able to inquire which flower remedies or healing modalities will support your human journey.

Once you have invested in a reading, I will contact you with details on how to set up our session. These sessions are not live nor recorded or in person. I work with a limited number of open ended questions I ask while in your Akashic Records. Once I have gathered all that Your Highest Self shares, I compile this into a Letter of Love with what came through, support information, and personal insight into your Highest Self. All readings vary because each persons journey and questions are so unique! 

I only accept a few readings per week and ask for 7 days to return your personalized reading to you. I flow best with Freedom in my Spiritual Connection.


Flower Healing & Akashic Record Reading Exchange:

1 Session $222

3 Sessions $555

*These do not include the Flower Remedies or Crafting Your Own Lessons